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A Masculine, Early 19th Century Chimneypiece in Italian Bardiglio Imperiale Marble

An early 19th century chimneypiece of Italian Bardiglio Imperiale marble with delicate swirls of grey and blue, probably sculpted in Italy for the English market. The rectangular shelf above the frieze which is centred with a key stone decorated with a lion's face mask holding an oval ring with sloping side panels. The jambs in the form of bracket shaped, fluted and cable stopped consoles, the sides with stylised volutes and anthemion leaf sprays supported on four claw pawed lions
feet resting on double foot blocks. Circa 1840.

Height 52 in (132cm) width 74 in (188cm)
Internal height 40 in (102cm) width 40 in (102cm)
Shelf depth 15 in (38cm)